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The industrial township of Damanjodi has an immense religious and historical significance situated in the foothills of the Deomali mountain track this was a part of the Panchabati Dandakarayana during the Ramayana era. The local deity famous goddess "Maa Kantabausini" is worshiped by the residents of the township as well as by the people of the adjoining areas.

Damanjodi is a sleepy township in the Koraput district in the Indian state of the Odisha district. It is situated 16kms away from the Asia's largest Bauxite deposits. The Panchabatmali Bauxite Mines and 30 kms away from the Distric Head Quarter - Koraput, also 10 kms away from NH 26.

It is primarily a hilly area with a sparse population. The vast majority of the population of Damanjodi consists of the Adivasis. But due to the industrialization, Damanjodi became a small industrial town with the employees of National Aluminium Company (NALCO), a Navaratna Company, This is Asia's largest, and the world's seventh largest producer of Aluminium. The population is cosmopolitan as the employees come from all parts of the country.

Damanjodi is divided into 3 regions or sector - sector -1, sector -2 and sector -3 . To fulfill the religious needs of the people in Damanjodi, the temple of Sri Sri Jagannath the Lord of the Univerese was built on 19th November 1984 on the peak of the hill in the heart of the township from 1985 onwards, the Rathayatra of Sri Jagannath Sri Balabhadra & Maa Subhadra organised spirited by and with with genuine religious fervor.

The temples in the township - Sri Jagannath Temple at Sector -1 , MausiMaa temple & Sri Ram Mandira At Sector -3 are managed by a single Managing Committee. All the rituals of both the temples are monitored as per our Hindu rituals and by the Paanji published by the Muktimandap. The Jagannath temple in Sector-1 has different "Parswa Devatas" with along Shiva Mandir, Surjya Mandir, Sri Ganesh Mandir , Bimala Mindir, Mangala Mandir, Laxmi Mandir, Nabagraha Mandir, and Hanuman Mandir. In the Sector-3 temple premises Sri Ram Mandir, Shiva Mandir, Mausi Maa Mandir, Hanuman Mandir & Sri Viswakarma Mandir are present. Among the festivals, Ratha Yatra, Dolo Yatra, Chandana Yatra, Shivaratri, Hanuman Jayanti, Ramanavami, Geeta Jayanti, Kartika Purnima, Dussehra, Basanti Durgapuja and Pratistha Divasa are Celebrated.

Other than these, the daily rituals of the temple like Pahudo Khola,Mangasla Aarati, Abakasoniti, Sahano Mela, Madhyano Dhupa Pahudo, Sandhya Aarati, Chandanalagi, Ratri Dhupa, Badasinghara Dhupa, Geetagobinda, Sayano, and Pohuda Niti are done systematically. The last Nabakalebar of Sri jiu was carried out in the year 1996 with all the rituals. This year also the Nabakalebar has been planned to be completed with its complete ritualistic spirit.    Readmore...


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